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This was alright

I had a good laugh, but it was too short.

P.S. Where the fuck is that easter egg with him fucking the computer? GAWD! Stop hiding your shit so damn well. >:(

Soupcat responds:

Rightclick>press play> then keep going backwards until you see the jizz, double click it, then import the swf and scan it with avast, rename as .exe and run it.



The outlines could use a little more work

Other than that, I really enjoyed this. :) Despite how short it was.

But the real question is

Why were you still animating it? Look who's the real pervert now.


Its funny because its true. This is all he does on NG anyways. Plus, he loves it when 10JD draws shemales of his characters.

Sorry Donkey Kong

But after watching this and seeing him kick a tank in midair and seeing it explode, Shadman is 10x more awesome than you are.

Hulalaoo responds:


You can do better than this

First off, why is this called Lucario VS Toon Link if they don't even fight each other? The drawings themselves aren't very good at all. You could at least try to animate them moving there arms and body. The voice acting is horrible along with the lip syncing. Don't be afraid to ask someone on NG to do voice acting for you, i'm pretty sure someone will help you out. (if they have the time that is) As for the humor itself, it wasn't funny at all. Try to improve on that.

Try harder next time and work on the animation, lip syncing, voice acting and humor.

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Koolguykai responds:

Look, I got bored.


We need more funny flashes from you.

Hulalaoo responds:

tomorrow i gona submit other

Well that wasn't too bad

I liked the artwork, sound effects, and animation, but thats about it. Just like my friend best friend below me said, add options to it, and then you're golden. :) Also, it wouldn't hurt to have Leela doing a 69 with Amy. :3 (just a suggestion though)

Haha, I like it

I enjoyed this, but I wish you made the animation a little longer. However, you did an awesome job with the background and the animation itself. Keep practicing and you'll get better.

oldGanon responds:

practice is everything

Damn...I dunno what to say...

Thanks for making a flash about me. Thanks to you, I can't get rid of this smile on my face.

P.S. Sucking up to me STILL won't make Cream Fill Zone come out any sooner. Nice try though. :)

Stickman91 responds:

You're very welcome!


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