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No matter how many times I watch this, it always makes me giggle. You guys need more love.

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Thats it!? I was expecting more cutscenes to be perfectly honest with you. Other than that, this was pretty enjoyable to watch and the voice actors did a pretty good job voicing their own character. I'm definately looking forward to more episodes of Gigi.

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Budj responds:

Glad to hear it! Thanks :>.

Daily 3rd Place? WTF Newgrounds?!

This would've been a lot better if you actually drew your own pictures out, instead of tracing over the sprites from the game.

tdotbuck responds:

I'm just as shocked as you, I didn't expect this to get as many views as it has and I owe PRobertson (animator of the game) a big thanks. And my future projects are gonna be completely original. Thanks for the review!

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Now thats what I call a halloween flash.

For a short halloween flash, it was okay and fun I guess. I like the part where the guy gets stab though.

Oh! For those who wanna see the good ending, just pay attention to Psycho Girl smile.

A job well done

I gotta admit, my favorite parts about this flash is the cumshots. Also, I love how you gave us the options to choose from 3 different sex positions. This is the best hentai flash you made so far.

Sin-sister responds:

Thanks, Martin ^-^

First off

Let me just say that the "fuck me" button was pure genius! Her facial expression for it was so funny and it fit perfectly well. I see that you've improved your artwork and you're getting much better at animating too. Not to mention that the animation runs smooth and it doesn't lag (unlike Rendo love Hentai) because you didn't put so much movie clips in it. However there are a couple of things I didn't like about this game. Right after Blinx gives the guy a happy ending, couldn't you just put the replay/credits button 5 seconds after that instead of waiting a whole 20 seconds? Also, I understand that you was focusing your animation more on Blinx than the guy, but he just seemed "lifeless" like he was nothing more than a sex toy and the rest of his legs are missing. (but thats not really a big deal) Next time, I suggest that you give the guy a facial expression as well, along with eyes and some hair.

Overall, I did enjoy this game and I think you're doing a great job at making hentai games. :)

Sin-sister responds:

Thanks Al :)

Hmm, if I had known guys cared so much about the male participant, I would have rethought his appearance.

Next time I'll have to add more detail to him :P

Oh and the reason that last part seems to drag on for so long is because the fade in blur uses up shit loads of memory. It actually only takes like 5 seconds to fade in.

I'll just have to shorten it.

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This one of my favorite songs from Sonic Forces and I think you did it justice with the song itself but the vocals could've been in a much better quality if you ask me. Other than that, nice job on the remix. I wish there was an instrumental version of this too!

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PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

I worked harder on the vocals than I did the actual beat itself. So it saddens me to know that it's not going over very well. But i appreciate reviews like this because it tells me things i definitely need to change.

A. Find a better place to record. It sure is hard getting good vocals when you're stuck in the back seat of the car and that's the best you can get.

B. Learn or find a better mic. I have a pretty decent mic. And it was pretty expensive. I'm still learning all the different functions. I usually just go for what sounds best but sometimes the volume adjustments can be oversensitive, which leads to distortion. And it can be hard to fix sometimes, but that leads to my next point

C. Learn how to edit better. Admittedly, this is actually the first full-length song that I've really edited. Some of my more recent vocals are only one verse long, and in the past I didn't edit them at all. LOL. I do know at one point I added way too much Reverb, and before I knew it it was too late to go back. So I tried to make it blend as best as I could

I have also found that this might be a taste thing. Some people don't dig vocals unless they're absolutely perfect. And I do try my best. This is why I need to learn to edit as well

I am glad you liked it the beat though. That did take some work and I tried a bunch of new things that I'm obviously definitely going to use in the future

Thanks for the review. I appreciate, and truly value, your honesty

Now this song right here is the shit. I love the instruments used in this too.

Now that's some good music right here!

UnrealReno responds:

Glad you think so :)

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Happy B-day, PCEngine. I hope you enjoy yourself and have a good one this year. Also, Princess Bunny is looking as good as ever!

I don't think this is bad loop at all but my main gripe with it is how static it looks. What would make this better is if you animated her legs moving along with her body having a little bit of movement. Think of it sort've like a bounce effect.

videojunk responds:

Dude you're absolutely right, if I get a chance I might touch it up.

BOOOOOO! Your puns SUCK!

....However, this came out better than I thought and the way you drew her skin tight outfit looks solid too.

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VileToadstool responds:

ay thx d@wg

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